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Student Uniform

The student uniform serves as a means to identify students with SEH College, promoting the image of professionalism, enhancing self-confidence and promoting patient confidence and trust. Uniforms are to be worn when students are in their clinical setting. Strict adherence to the uniform dress code is required. The approved uniform is Cherokee Workwear Originals in the color pewter and with the approved college logo embroidered.

  • The women's top is the Cherokee Workwear Originals Women's V-Neck top, style number 4700 (Color pewter).
  • Women can choose between two styles of pants:
    • Cherokee Workwear Originals Women's Flare Drawstring pant, style 4101 (Color Pewter)
    • Cherokee Workwear Originals Women's Elastic Waist pull-on cargo pant, style 4200 (Color Pewter)
  • The unisex top is the Cherokee Workwear Originals unisex V-neck top, style 4876 (Color Pewter).
  • The unisex option for pants is the Cherokee Workwear Originals unisex drawstring cargo pant, style 4100 (Color Pewter).

Where to Get Your Uniform

Horizon Screenprinting

Scrubs from Horizon will be charged to your account and you will be able to pick them up at the college. This includes embroidery.

758 Commercial St.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

Professional Fashion Uniforms

Purchases from Professional Fashion Uniforms offers a 10% discount, but embroidery is not included and you will need to take your uniform to Horizon for this service.

46 S. Plaza Way
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

Size Determination

Horizon has many sizes of scrubs in house that you can use to try on for size. We have ordered prototype sizes for the College to have available, along with the size chart and a fabric tape measure so students won’t go to a uniform shop to be fitted and then not purchase (we have gotten complaints that this is happening). If you are unsure of size, you can come to the college or to Horizon and try on the clothing prior to purchase.