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A complete list of required textbooks can be found in the link below. Books can be purchased/acquired from many different sources and you are welcome to get them wherever they would like; however, please make sure you are accessing the right material for the right course and term.

Students interested in using financial aid for their books will need to purchase through Barnes and Noble Virtual Bookstore (see link below) using a voucher provided to them by the College. By using a voucher, you are authorizing the College to use financial aid to pay for the books. Using a voucher also allows you to order your books and have the charges added to your student account, thus having only one bill.

Other things to consider:

  • "Access Codes" are codes that give you access to online instructional materials that the instructor requires for your class. These might include videos, simulations or lab assignments. Books with access codes must be purchased new, as they are time sensitive and you will want to be able to use the online resources for the entirety of the class(es).
  • If you have problems with the Barnes and Noble Virtual Bookstore site, please contact MBS Direct Customer Service at 800.325.3252 or click on the support tab of their website to complete an email help ticket.
  • All 0s in the vouchers are zeros. It might be simpler to copy/paste the ID into the bookstore site.
  • Vouchers are only good for the duration of time indicated

Virtual Bookstore


Lippincott Rebate Documents

CastleBranch Requirements

Below is a list of the documentation you will be required to upload to CastleBranch. All documents must be completed with appropriate signatures. Renewed documentation may be required throughout your time as a student and will be requested through CastleBranch, as needed.

  • Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, and Rubella – submit proof of 2 vaccinations OR a positive antibody titer (lab report required)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) – submit proof of 2 vaccinations OR a positive antibody titer (lab report required) OR medically documented history of the disease (date of the disease is required along with a physician’s signature)
  • Hepatitis B – submit proof of 3 vaccinations OR a positive antibody titer (lab report required). If your series is in process, submit what you have completed
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) - submit documentation of a Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) vaccination, administered within the past 10 years
  • Influenza (Flu) – submit documentation of a flu vaccine administered during the current flu season (September – April) OR submit a written document/explanation of why you cannot receive the vaccine along with your signature and date
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Screen – the opportunity to complete a TB screen will be provided to you at your health screening at Southeast Occupational Medicine; however you have the option to complete the screen elsewhere. Submit ONE of the following completed within the past 12 months:
    • 1 step TB skin test
    • QuantiFERON Gold blood test (lab report required)-T-Spot blood test (lab report required)
    • IGRA blood test (lab report required)
    • If positive results, submit BOTH of the following:
      • a clear chest x-ray (lab report required) AND
      • a physician’s clearance documented on letterhead from the past 12 months. Must state that you are symptom free of tuberculosis and that you have received counseling OR that you have received and completed treatment and follow up
  • Medical History Form- complete, sign, and submit a Medical History Form
  • CPR Certification- the opportunity to obtain a CPR card will be provided to all students (except LPNs and paramedics) prior to clinicals. If you already have an American Heart Association or American Red Cross BLS Provider CPR certification, you may upload it now. The front and back of the card must be submitted and the back of the card must be signed. LPNs and paramedics: you will need to obtain CPR certification on your own, if you have not already
  • Drug Screen - you will not need to upload any documents for the requirement. This requirement will be met after you have completed your health screening at Occupational Medicine.
  • Current License -(if enrolling in a bridge program i.e. LPN-RN, paramedic-RN, or RN-BSN) submit your current LPN, RN, or paramedic license OR submit verification of your licensure through the state website
  • Paramedic Work Experience Verification- (if enrolling in the paramedic-RN bridge program) complete and submit a Paramedic Work History Form with your current or previous supervisor’s signature.

Helpful Tips

  • Immunizations may be found on your high school transcript, with your County Health Department, or with your physician
  • Make sure that the document you are uploading meets the requirement that you are uploading it to
  • You will need to upload a document for each requirement. If you have multiple requirements on one document, you can save the document and reuse it within CastleBranch for multiple requirements
  • CastleBranch works best when using Chrome or Firefox as a browser. You can upload documents from your phone; however, the quality may not be as good. If CastleBranch rejects a document because it is illegible, try uploading the document from a computer.
  • Documents will not upload if they are over 5 MB in size
  • If you are submitting documents with a previous last name on them, you will need to submit proof of a name change with the document
  • Click on the “Need Help?” menu on the top right side of your homepage for assistance

Catalogs and Handbooks





  • College Catalog 2020-2021 Revised 07/12/21
    NOTE: After Fall 2021 semester, Certified Patient Care Technicians and SEH College patient care technician students who pass the PCT 010 course, will no longer be awarded 2 nursing credits, nor be exempt from taking NS 103a.
  • Student Handbook 2020–2021 (revised 07/12/21)




Missouri State Board of Nursing Newsletter

SoutheastHEALTH College of Nursing & Health Sciences Newsletter

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Student Uniform

Visit the Student Uniform page to learn more about where to get approved uniforms.