General Education

Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers general education courses required for each program. The courses are scheduled so that they fit into the student's program schedule. Students may choose to take these courses prior to starting discipline specific course work or along with specific program course work.

Objectives of General Education

Communications - Demonstrate effective communication skills both in person and in print.

Critical Thinking - Demonstrate effective critical thinking skills, including but not limited to, judging evidence, synthesizing information, constructing arguments, and solving problems.

Diversity - Demonstrate the ability to adapt interactions to meet cultural and/or psychosocial needs of clients/patients and co-workers.

Ethics - Demonstrate an understanding of ethics and the role they play in the health care providers’ personal and professional lives.

Integration - Demonstrate the ability to integrate the principles, theories, concepts, and facts learned in general education courses, including the ability to apply the scientific method to solve problems, into the specializations and in clinical practice.

Technology - Demonstrate the ability to use technology to find, evaluate, and apply information and subsequently to communicate that information to others accurately and concisely.