About Us

Buttrey TonyaMessage from Dr. Jerry Durham, Interim President

Welcome to Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences. We are proud of our history of educating outstanding nurses and other healthcare providers for southeast Missouri and beyond. While our history extends back to 1928, since 1990 our College has been a degree and certificate-granting institution offering students the best possible start on their health care careers and contributing to the workforce needs of our state and nation.

Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers several programs leading to careers in healthcare. Each program's curriculum is designed to foster your continuing professional growth, both as a student and a graduate. In addition to expanding your knowledge and advancing your technical skills, we will challenge you to think critically and grow personally. The intent of our programs is to build on your prior knowledge and experiences by providing sound theoretical and clinical educational opportunities throughout your chosen program of study.

The College administration, faculty, and staff hope you will find your program enriching, rewarding, and inspiring. Our principal concern is to foster your growth and assist you to achieve your educational and career goals. It is a privilege to welcome you and to assist you in becoming a professional healthcare provider who will contribute to the health of our citizens and communities.