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Frequently Asked Questions for New Students

What programs of study do you offer?

We offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing. This program has four nursing tracks. The Basic track is designed for students who are just beginning their studies in nursing. This track runs over two years. The Accelerated LPN to RN Bridge Track is designed for LPNs who are transitioning to the RN role. This is an accelerated track and runs over one year. The third track is an Evening/Weekend Track. This track accommodates both basic nursing students and LPNs. This track runs over two years.  The Paramedic to RN track runs over 2 years as well.

We offer an Associate degree radiological technology program and a one year certificate in surgical technology.

We also offer a certificate in Medical Laboratory Science. Applicants must possess a B.S. degree with a minimum of 15 semester hours of biology and 15 semester hours of chemistry OR be enrolled as a Medical Technology major at Southeast Missouri State University.

Click on the Programs tab at the top of this Web site to learn more specifics about these programs.

When do the programs start and what are the approximate hours of attendance?

Our basic track classes begin in late May/early June with general education courses including Anatomy and Physiology course which must be passed with a grade of "C" or better in order to continue in any of the programs.  This course covers two semesters of college Anatomy and Physiology and is about 8 weeks in duration.  After successful completion of this course, the program specific classes begin in July.

Our Evening/Weekend track begins in January with general education courses including an Anatomy and Physiology.  The Evening/Weekend track consists of Basic Nursing and the LPN to RN students.  Surgical technology and radiological technology programs begin in late May/early June only.  The Medical Laboratory Science classes begin annually in January and July.

As a general rule students attend the basic track classes Monday through Friday with program specific classes beginning as early as 6:45 a.m. and continuing until about 4:00 p.m.  Occasionally, some classes may meet on evenings or weekends. General education classes not previously taken by individuals are offered throughout the programs in the evening or day time hours.

As a general rule students attend the Evening/Weekend classes Monday through Friday  with program specific classes beginning as early as 4:00 p.m. and ending about 10:00 p.m.  General education classes are interwoven into the program as it progresses.   Clinical studies are typically conducted every other weekend, full days, on Saturday and Sunday or in the evening hours.

You will not necessarily be attending classes for all of the hours mentioned depending on when your lecture, labs, and clinical studies are assigned.

When do I need to apply to be admitted to your college programs?

The sooner, the better!   The Admission's Committee meets on a monthly basis, usually from September to May.  Individual completed records are reviewed at that time and, as  individuals are accepted, they are placed into a specific program or track until it is full.

Once a track is full, alternates are assigned, sometimes accompanied by an invitation for automatic admission into the following program.   In order for an application packet to be considered by the Admission's Committee, all documentation including high school and school/college transcripts, letters of reference, immunization records, a completed application form and medical history form, and a criminal background check authorization must have been submitted.

The Criminal Background Check is then sent to the state of residence and must be returned to the College before an individual may be considered by the Admission's Committee. Transcripts must be official and include the high school or college seal. They should be sent directly to the College and not hand carried to us unless they are enclosed in a sealed envelope and signed across the seal by the college official. Letters of reference should follow the same procedure as that of the transcript. Opened letters of reference will not be considered as one of the two required references.

What tests and scores are required for the various programs of study?

The basic nursing and radiological technology programs require students who have been out of high school for less than five years to submit an ACT composite test score of 21 or above to be considered for admission. For students who have been out of high school for more than five years, the COMPASS exam is required. Specific cut scores have not been set at this time, but competitive scores in reading and writing of 85 or above and pre-algebra scores of 50 or above normally are considered for admission.  Applicants who have a college degree are not required to take the COMPAS exam.

The surgical technology program prefers all potential students to take the COMPASS exam, and to submit ACT scores if available.   Admission is considered by looking at the test scores of all who apply and comparing them with the other applicants at the time.

The LPN to RN Bridge students are required to take the NLN Acceleration Challenge Exam I Foundations in Nursing and obtain a score of 75 or above to be considered.

If I have taken some of the general education required classes elsewhere, may I transfer them into your program?

Yes, general education classes taken at other colleges that are the equivalent of our required courses may be transferred into our program if a grade of "C" or better has been earned. You may be asked to submit a course description and curriculum for the courses you wish to transfer, if we are not familiar with the college from which you plan to transfer the courses or with the specific course submitted. All transfer courses must be taken and submitted for approval prior to taking the first program specific class here. Once a program specific class is taken here, all future classes must be taken at Southeast Hospital College of Nursing & Health Sciences. (Please note that Anatomy and Physiology I and II both must be taken elsewhere to meet our Anatomy and Physiology course requirement).


How do I know if a particular program is already full for the coming year?

Contact Debbie Howey, our Registrar. She can answer that question for you and can be reached by calling (573) 334-6825, extension 23, or click here to contact her by e-mail.

How can I learn about grants, loans, scholarships and other financial aid that may be available to me?

Margie Schwent, Financial Aid Coordinator, handles financial aid and can be reached at (573) 334-6825, extension 21. You can also click on the left navigation bar to read more about financial aid.

If I have specific questions about the curriculum or coursework, job availability in the field, or other questions specific to the program of study, who do I contact?

For specific program questions, please contact the Program Administrator directly.   The Program Administrators are:

  • Donna Shirrell, Dean of Nursing, (573) 334-6825, ext. 29
  • Pete Barger, Radiological Technology Director, (573) 334-6825, ext. 30
  • Jill Stroud, Surgical Technology Director, (573) 334-6825, ext. 28
  • Sherry Schloss, Medical Laboratory Science Director, (573) 334-6825, ext. 19
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