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Mission, Goals, Student Learning Outcomes and Program Effectiveness Data

2014 Associate Program Assessment Plan (Revised May 2013)

The mission of Southeast Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences Radiography Program is to graduate students with entry-level employment skills to perform diagnostic medical radiography (Reviewed 2013). This data has been made available to the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).  The JRCERT may be contacted at:

20 N. Wacker Drive
Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606
Tele. # 312.704.5300
Fax: 312.704.5304

Current Program Effectiveness Data as reported to the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology:

#1 – Educational Goal: Students will be clinically competent
1a. – Students can correctly position radiographic examinations
1b – Students demonstrate good patient care skills
1c – Students will demonstrate good radiation protection skills
1d – Students can effectively technically evaluate a radiograph

#2 – Educational Goal: Graduates will effectively use problem solving and critical thinking skills
2a – Students can debate logically
2b – Students will reach logical conclusions and demonstrate an appropriate sequence on term paper
Will meet program benchmarks on exit testing (CAAP) critical thinking, writing and science reasoning
2c – students can modify appropriate factors on trauma patients

#3 - Educational Goal: Graduates will be effective communicators
3a - Graduates can write a college level term paper.
3b - Graduates can present information in an oral fashion at an audience appropriate level
3c - students will effectively communicate with patients
3d - students will score 65 or above on CAAP testing (writing skills)

#4 - Educational Goal: The student will develop professionally
4a – Graduates will be professional in their appearance and actions
4b – Students will complete service obligations.
4c – Graduates will pass the registry exam

First time examinee pass rate:

This program has been in existence for 14 years, graduating 11 classes of students. Over the past 5 years, (2010 - 2014) of the 45 students that graduated and sat for the national certification examination with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, 39, or 87% passed on the first attempt. The program goal for this data point is 85%.

11 students made up our most recent cohort of graduates in 2014. 9 of those students were successful their first time on the ARRT examination for a pass rate of 82% for that particular group.  

Graduate employment rate within 12 months of graduation for active job seekers:

We have had a total of 99 students graduate the program since it's inception. 93 of those students have found jobs in the medical imaging field for a percentage of 94% of our graduates working in medical imaging. The program goal for this data point is 80% in the first 12 months following graduation.   From 2010 - 2014 the program has had 46 students graduate.  Of this number, 38 sought employment, and 35 found employment, for a 5 year average employment rate of  92% within 12 months following graduation.   

Program retention rate:

Of the 13 students who enrolled in the program in 2012, 11 graduated in 2014.  85% of our 2012 entering students completed the program in 2014.  There have been 157 students accepted into the program and we have graduated 119 of those (21 students are still in the program). The program retention rate is 87.5% for the entire life of the program. The program goal for this data point is 75%.  
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