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Welcome to the Medical Laboratory Science program at Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The Medical Laboratory Science Program is a one-year certificate program which allows new students to prepare for a career in laboratory science. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to apply for admission to the nationally recognized certification exam administered by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). 




The faculty at Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences Medical Laboratory Science Program believe the primary function of the program is to provide a program of education that will enable individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter their chosen vocational field of Medical Laboratory Science and to pass the National Certifying Examination in Medical Laboratory Science. Laboratory Scientists must perform their duties with efficiency, accuracy and thoughtfulness. This program strives to graduate practicing clinical laboratory scientists who pay attention to detail, effectively communicate, and show integrity in the performance of laboratory assays. Continuing advances in the field require an attitude of life-long learning for faculty and graduates.


Faculty are committed to quality education in providing the most current knowledge of laboratory methodologies and theory of clinical correlations. The faculty maintains current knowledge through continuing education hours and self study. Students deserve the interest and support of the faculty as well as appropriate supervision during clinical rotations.


Program Mission Statement


The mission of Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences Medical Laboratory Science Program is to graduate students with entry-level employment skills to perform as medical laboratory scientists.


Program Goals


  1. To graduate well-rounded students with a basic knowledge of laboratory principles in safety, information systems, education and management, instrumentation evaluation and selection, and communication skills required to converse with coworkers and patients,
  2. To graduate students with the cognitive knowledge to perform and interpret laboratory testing, and analyze and solve problems in all the competency areas of a laboratory generalist,
  3. To graduate students with psychomotor skills to perform laboratory analyses, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot laboratory instrumentation in all competency areas of a laboratory generalist,
  4. To graduate students with ethical practices which are committed to the highest standards of accuracy, quality, confidentiality, and care in the performance of laboratory analyses and are a credit to the profession of medical laboratory science, and
  5. To graduate students who are successful in passing a national certifying exam.

Program Schedules

MLS Academic Schedule Jan-Dec 2016

MLS Academic Schedule June-May 2017

Southeast Hospital College of Nursing & Health Sciences • 2001 William Street • Cape Girardeau • MO • 63703 • 573-334-6825
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